BiltmoreTowerFor information on Biltmore House, please feel free to contact a Board member listed below. Please note that there is no central “office” for Biltmore House, and other than the listings found on this site, we do not maintain a central comprehensive list of units that are for sale or for lease.

All units are owned by individuals, and the homeowners have been in control of the Association since 1999. (In other words, there is no developer to consult regarding units.) The sizes and finishes of the units vary widely from small studios to 3-level penthouses, and from units filled with gorgeous antiques to post-modern styles. Biltmore House self-regulates the percentage of its units that may be leased at any given time, and renters are required to sign minimum 12-month leases, and are expected to follow all bylaws, rules and regulations.

2019 Board of Directors:
Paul Burke – President
Jenna Zivalich – Treasurer
Sarah Kate Somers – Secretary

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